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The Great Aussie Waffle Log AKA Polly Waffle 80g is great value at $8.99! We are experts in the manufacture and distribution of trending candy and traditional lollies. The Great Aussie Waffle Log is a recreation of an iconic chocolate bar from the past. A crispy wafer roll filled with creamy marshmallow and coated in milk chocolate. Ingredients: Chocolate Coating: (Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Milk Solids, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifiers ( Soy Lecithin), 476, 478, 492), Flavour, Cocoa Solids 9%, Milk Solids 18%) Marshmallow: (Sugar, Water, Glucose (Contains Gluten & Preservative (220)), Gelatine, Natural Flavour, Preservative (202) Wafer: (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Oat Fibre, Vegetable Oil.

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Considering the significant time between bars produced of the Polly Waffle, Robern Menz was unable to provide any guidance in terms of when the chocolate will be back on Aussie shelves. Robern Menz's revival of the cult classic follows the company's recent decision to re-introduce the Violet Crumble back onto Australian shelves after it. The return of the iconic Polly Waffle chocolate bar has been an 11-year effort and, bizarrely, COVID-19 has played a part in its comeback. Fans of the chocolate-coated, marshmallow and wafer treat were up in arms when confectionery giant Nestle discontinued the product in 2009.

Robern Menz chief executive Phil Sims with a Polly Waffle. They bought it off Nestle. A family-owned South Australian chocolate company, Robern Menz, signed a deal to buy the brand off Nestlé for an undisclosed sum. They also got their hands on the famous recipe. The Polly Waffle was created in Melbourne in 1947 and later manufactured by Nestlé until it was discontinued in 2009. Robern Menz will now undertake a project to recreate the bar and assess.

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Polly Waffle is an Australian chocolate bar, a waffle wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in compound chocolate. Hoadley's Chocolates made the first Polly Waffle bar in Melbourne in 1947, conceived by Mayfield B. Anthony. During the 1970s, the advertising slogan for Polly Waffle was "mmm, crunch, aah!". Polly Waffle was created by Hoadley Chocolates which opened in 1889, originally a jam factory in South Melbourne, Victoria. They produced the first Polly Waffle bar in 1947. The company was acquired by Rowntree's and was renamed to Rowntree Hoadleyaround 1988, later to be taken over by Nestlé.

Buy again & Lists. View cart button. $00.00.. Nestle Polly Waffle is made of marshmallow flavour with chocolate sauce and crispy chocolate coated wafers. View more View less . Ingredients. Reconstituted Skim Milk, Water, Sugar, Glucose Syrup (Wheat And Or Corn), Milk Solids, Vegetable Oil, Cocoa Solids (3%), Maltodextrin, Wheat Flour. Nestle Pollywaffle, and other Confectionery at Australias best prices , are ready to purchase at The Professors Online Lolly Shop with the Sku: 1937 Home Browse By. Discontinued Products Nestle Pollywaffle (24 bars in Display Unit) Nestle Pollywaffle (24 bars in Display Unit) Nestle $45.63 (No reviews yet) Write a Review SKU: 1937 UPC: C

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Bring Back The Polly Waffle. 6,784 likes · 6 talking about this. As many of you may be aware, sales of Polly Waffles went into decline and Nestle decided. Polly Waffle is a 50 gram Australian chocolate bar. It is a waffle wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in compound chocolate. The confection had been introduced in 1947 by the Hoadley's Chocolate Company, then taken over by Rowntree Mackintosh Confectionery in 1972.

Macca's loaded fries hack sends internet wild. Chocolate lovers yearning to get their hands on a Polly Waffle will need to wait a little longer. Early this year, South Australian confectioner Robern Menz announced it would be bringing back the Australian classic chocolate bar, last seen on supermarket shelves in 2009. A Facebook group "Bring Back the Polly Waffle" was set up, lobbying for the return of the chocolate bar with 55,000 likes, but it was left to Robern Menz to buy Polly Waffle for it to be resurrected.

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One of the beneficiaries is Robern Menz, a confectionary in South Australia, which will receive $1 million to establish a state-of-the-art Polly Waffle production line. Given the chocolate bar has been out of production for more than a decade, custom-built machinery will be required to bring the bar back to life. Over 40 per cent of survey respondents were adamant they wanted to see the Polly Waffle return. And yet, after more than a decade of going without its marshmallowy perfection, the chocolate bar did in fact return to supermarket shelves back in 2020.. This was followed by the highly-anticipated return of Cadbury fan-favourite blocks Caramilk and Marble.